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Golden Heist
Featuring Caroline Pierce & Star Nine

A golden female nude (Caroline Pierce ) stands on a pedestal in the middle of the art gallery. Suddenly the statue opens her eyes and begins to move around, changing her pose. She freezes when she hears a woman enter the room.

Star admires the statue, and takes out her phone to shoot some video of it. She receives a phone call & leave the room. The statue begins to move again. The woman returns, having dropped something. She stares at the golden figure. Did it move? A voice comes over the loudspeakers, the museum is closing. Star shakes her head and walks out.

The statue begins to stir on the nighttime security feed. She opens her eyes and looks around before swiftly stepping off her pedestal, removing one of the portraits off the wall, and walking out.

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Includes WAM, wet look

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13 minutes



The Game Show
Featuring Star Nine

Star finds herself in the bottom of the rankings as the game show she's on enters the final round. She tries to stay positive as she walks back on stage in the ridiculous costume she's been put in as part of her punishment from last round - she's an oversized baby complete with diaper, pacifier & giant novelty rattle.

The final round is scored on audience approval, so she tries to ham it up, hiding her aggravated humiliation. She shakes her rattle and tried to mouth the giant binky. The announcer hands her the final envelope, Star opens it and reads the card aloud - Be a messy baby, give yourself a great big . . . pie in the face? She tries to bargain with the audience, but eventually pies herself, hoping to win. The audience roars with laughter. Star wipes the pie from her eyes and looks to the scoreboard in disbelief. She's lost!

Includes wet & messy, diapers

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Just Desserts
The Face of Star Pies

9 minutes



Just Desserts
Featuring Star Nine

A bratty Star gets her just desserts with a custard pie in the face.

Includes wet & messy, age regression, diapers

7 minutes



Honey Pitcher
Featuring Star Nine

Star walks into the bedroom. Her long legs accentuated by a black stocking & garter set. She carries a clear pitcher of thick golden liquid.

Star dips her nylon toes into the thick, warm, honey. She drizzles it over her black nylons, the golden fluid a stark contrast. She picks up the pitcher and turns, pouring it over her garter framed ass. She pours the honey over her head, and then trickles it along her whole body before removing her honey coated bra and panties. She trickles honey over her pussy as she thrusts and slides against the golden liquid that has pooled up on the sheets beneath her. She pours the last of the golden nectar over her body before rubbing and thrusting her messy, golden, pussy to orgasm.

Includes wet & messy, solo masturbation, sploshing, wet look

9 minutes



Conference Call
Featuring Star Nine

Star is panicking, she has an important conference call in 5 minutes and she is not prepared at all. She shuffles her papers, trying to talk herself through it. Suddenly the phone rings, three minutes early! Luckily it's just her receptionist saying that the call has been rescheduled. Relieved, Star decides to pull an all-nighter, but first she has to calm down.

Star leaves the office & returns with a bag of groceries. She sits on the couch & opens a couple large jars of jam. Not wanting to get in trouble with the janitor, she puts a plastic drop cloth over the couch. She begins to remove her clothing, but only manages to strip down to her shirt before the urge becomes too great. She coats her body, white shirt and all with the soft, sticky, goo.

She's just removed her mess coated blouse when the phone rings.

It's her supervisor, Steve. The conference call has just come in! Star struggles to compose herself. She rubs at her messy body as she convinces the caller that there was a miscommunication, that there are no slides available yet. He pushes for more details and they reschedule for next week. Steve comes back on the line Wow, that was a performance.

Star reclines on the couch, she lets the jam plop out all over her stomach, arching her body up. The drop cloth begins to stick to her messy body so Star slides to the floor, removing her bra and panties. She rubs her messy body, her wet, goo covered pussy. She cums, sucks her fingers, relieved to have bought herself some time.

Includes wet & messy, solo masturbation

17 minutes



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