Star's Messy Starlets

Star's Messy Starlets - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends wet & messy

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Roxie & Star Messy Soles
Featuring Roxie Rae

Roxie & Star feed each other a creamy cake with their feet before crushing the rest of it with their feet and showing off their messy soles.

Includes foot worship, messy feet

7 minutes



Messy Feet Tease
Featuring Addie Juniper

Addie's not sure what to do with her creamy pie. She could throw it in someones face, she could eat it, she could sit on it . . .

Instead she chooses to tease you with it, slowly dipping her toe in, then both her feet, getting them nice and messy before posing her messy arched soles for you.

Includes WAM, foot fetish

4 minutes



Whitney's Messy Feet
Featuring Whitney Morgan

Whitney picked up a chocolate caramel cake for the slumber party she's hosting. She's slipped on her frilly lingerie and is waiting for her girlfriends to show up for a night of pampering and giggles.

Whitney glances at the cake. She shouldn't, it's for the girls. Whitney can't restrain herself though, it smells so good & she's let it sit to a perfect room temperature.

She dips in a toe and soon the whole cake is a creamy mess under her feet. She licks the cake off her messy feet, sucking hard on her long toes.

Includes WAM, wet & messy, toe sucking, orgasms, long toes, dirty feet

10 minutes



Birthday Cake Crush
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

Hannah & Star are bored office workers blowing off work in the conference room. A small birthday cake sits on the desk in front of them. They speculate who such a lame little cake could be for & decide it must be your birthday - you know, that quiet, creepy guy, what's his name?

Star lounges back in her chair, placing her well worn heels dangerously close to your cake. She slips her shoes off revealing charcoal pantyhose with a reinforced toe. Hannah removes her shoes as well. Star teases her foot near your cake, coming away with some blue frosting on her hosed foot. Hannah thinks this is hilarious and scrapes a bit of frosting off with her hosed foot as well.

Your cake soon lays in ruins & this is when you enter and catch the girls. You stutter as they notice you & begin to humiliate you to your face, offering you the chance to eat what's left of your cake of their feet. When you don't budge they eventually grow bored & remove their cake covered pantyhose, leaving those as a to go container for you as they leave the room.

Includes messy feet, food crush, foot domination, humiliation. office domination

9 minutes



Messy Foot Job
Featuring Roxie Rae

Roxie Rae knows that you're weak for her tiny feet. She also knows what a dirty messy boy you are. She has a creamy lemon pie for you to play with. First she dips her small feet in the cream, she offers you a handful off her toes. You know what to do with it right? That's right you messy boy, stroke your cock with the mess. Imagine Roxie's tiny messy feet rubbing up and down your cock. It must look massive with her petite feet wrapped around it. If she lets you add your hot cum to the mess on her feet, will you lick it off?

Includes messy soles, messy JOI, WAM, CEI, virtual foot job

8 minutes



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