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Executive Cake
Featuring Star Nine

Star has been dealing with never ending number checking at work & needs a break. She opens the website of the company caterer and eyes the cakes. Nothing seems quite right and she impatiently dials the number, describing what she needs. She blames an errant receptionist for failing to place a timely order for a very important executive meeting. Buttering up the caterer by describing just how much the CEO loves their cakes, Star manages to put in a rush order billed to the corporate card.

Star instructs the delivery girl to place the cake on her coffee table. Shiftily cutting her eyes across the room to make sure the girl has left, Star quickly moves over to the cake box. She delicately removes the cake and then slowly plunges her entire face into the frosting before smearing it all over her pencil skirt and blouse.

Wanting the mess closer to her skin, she pulls her messy shirt off and rubs handfuls into her bra. She discovers the fresh strawberries used to top the cake and rubs one over her clit through the gusset of her pantyhose. Amazing. She removes her bra and gets her tits messy and then finds two more of the strawberries and pushes them up into herself under her pantyhose. Amazing. She takes handfuls of cream covered cake and rubs it all over her hosed pussy. The strawberries filling her up inside. She takes the final handful of unruined cake to smash into her face as she cums. Not done yet, she flips over into doggy and picks up smashed cake off the floor, rubbing it into her pussy and ass. She lays in bliss after cumming again, eventually peeling herself off the floor, putting her ruined clothing back on & heading home for a change of clothes.

Includes wet & messy, WAM, solo masturbation, food masturbation

13 minutes



Gunged & Cream Stuffed
Featuring Star Nine

Star flips through a magazine while waiting for her treatment. She's never been to this office before and isn't sure what to expect.

A man slowly creeps up behind her and pours red cake batter over her head. It hits her hair first and it takes a little while for her to feel it. When she does, she's shocked. She makes little noises but doesn't turn around, she enjoys the silky texture. Star removes her glasses and takes her hair down, she plays with the silky mess and removes her blouse & skirt.

The man returns and pours blue cake batter over her head and breasts, she sits upright with her legs spread and chest arched accepting the silky batter. She slides around in the mess, caressing her wet, messy, body. Enjoying herself.

He enters and places a bowl of white goo in front of her on a silver platter. Excited, she grabs a big handful. Her eyes dart around as she stuffs her panties with the white frosting. She stuffs all of the thick, creamy, frosting in her panties before pressing it out, wedging her panties up her butt, rubbing the white goo over her ass and pussy as it escapes.

Finally, she removes the panties and slides around in the mess, rubbing her wet, messy, pussy until she cums.

Includes gunging, wet & messy, WAM, sploshing, solo masturbation, cake batter, frosting, stuffed panties

13 minutes



I Wish You Were a Real Girl
Featuring Candle Boxx & Star Nine

Candle is excited to play with her brand new Star doll. She is tickled by how anatomically correct her golden toy is, and she bends & positions it's arms to do naughty things. However, she quickly realizes how hard it would be to take her doll outside to play, the Star doll is heavy and stiff, hard to move around. Candle can't even pick her new toy up. It would be more fun if the Star doll were a real girl and not just this frozen statue.

Candle has an idea, maybe if she could get the paint off the Star doll it might turn into a real girl! She drags her heavy toy to the shower and turns on the water. Soon she detects breathing. The gold plating is washing off & revealing a real girl inside! Candle questions Star, was she a real girl before who got turned into a doll? Star is spacey, doesn't know words, only remembers being frozen forever.

Includes wet & messy, WAM, gold paint, freeze fetish, wet look, humor

9 minutes - click image for video preview

9 minutes



Star Gets Kym Wet & Messy
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kym kneels on the bed in a low cut black top and mini skirt. Star asks her what she's eating. Kym has been dipping her finger in this delicious sploogy goo that Star PROMISED to cover her in.

Star enters in her bra & panties and gives Kym what she's been begging for. It's been such a long time since Kym got to play in such a delicious mess. Star slowly empties the first two cans over Kym's head, the thick goop completely covering her eyes and dripping down her low cut shirt.

Kym begs for more and Star teases her. Kym offers to get naked & Star says sure, why don't you get naked & then we'll see. The bottom half of Kym's body is sadly bare, so Star gets to work covering Kym's pussy and ass with the rest of the (key lime) pie filling then leaves Kym to slither around in the goop, humping the mess covered bed.

Includes wet & messy

9 minutes



Whipped Cream Fight
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Star catches her roommate Addie standing at the refrigerator eating whipped cream out of the can. Star tells Addie she's being gross, she could at least put it in a bowl!

Addie's natural response is to spray Star with the whipped cream and soon she is straddling Star on the kitchen floor spraying her chest and face as Star laughs and protests.

Addie licks some whipped cream off of Star's messy face & soon the girls are making out and stripping each other down. Addie sprays the rest of the whipped cream on her bare breasts & Star empties the can on Addie's pussy.

Addie & Star roll around in the mess rubbing their creamy wet pussies.

Includes WAM wet & messy, girl/girl, kissing, whipped cream fight

9 minutes



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