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Break Room Crush
Featuring Danielle Trixie & Star Nine

Danielle storms into the break room looking for a snack to distract her from her horrible work day. She slams through the cupboards finding nothing. Eventually her search turns up a drawer full of disgusting little snack cakes. Danielle would never put that garbage in her body, but maybe there is a way that the gross little cakes can make her feel better.

Danielle unwraps the cakes, dropping them on the floor. She hopes that smashing and crushing them under her stiletto heels will reduce her stress. To her relief, it works.

Star walks in on her coworker trampling the little cakes and joins in, crushing them under her heels. Danielle and Star removed their heels and crush the rest of the cakes barefoot, examining the mess on their soles before jumping up and down on any remnants and sneaking away barefoot, leaving the mess for someone else to clean up.

Includes food crush, messy feet, dirty feet

10 minutes



Siren & Jezabel: Messy Soles
Featuring Siren Thorn & Jezabel Knight

Jezabel has been having a rough week so Siren invites her over for some "ice cream".

Jezabel arrives to find Siren emptying brown and pink pudding cups into a bowel. Siren explains that sometimes, the stress release from something like ice cream or pudding is more triggered by experiencing the texture than by actually eating the treat.

Jezabel helps Siren empty the remaining pudding, then the girls sit down to relax, dipping their toes and soles into the silky mess. They each take an experimental taste off of each other's toes, but otherwise they just dip their feet, rub them together, and enjoy.

Includes WAM, messy feet, foot worship

This one is free due to lighting/white balance issues.

9 minutes



Cake Face
Featuring Jessica Taylor & Star Nine

Star serves Mistress Jessica a cake and offers to go grab some plates. Mistress Jessica explains to Star that today, they're going to eat with their toes. Jessica dips her feet into the rich, creamy cake, then offers her foot to Star. Star leans in to lick her foot, but Jessica takes the opportunity to smear the mess all over Star's face.

Referring to Star as "cake face" Jessica continues to rub her messy feet into Star's obedient face until the cake is decimated, then she pulls Star in and rubs her messy face up against her pussy until she cums.

Includes foot domination, messy feet, WAM, lezdom

6 minutes



Cupcake Crush
Featuring Hannah Perez

Hannah Perez teases you with her long toes while crushing white cupcakes under her soles.

Includes messy feet, food crush

8 minutes



Candle's Fetish
Featuring Candle Boxx & Serene Isley

Candle has had a horrible week and her friend Serene wants to cheer her up. Knowing the one thing that Candle loves more than anything, Serene produces a pie and sets it at Candle's feet. Candle is amazed, she knows that her friend isn't really into this at all, it's Candle's fetish.

Serene worships Candles feet for the first time, licking the creamy pie off of her soles. Candle loves the sensation of Serene's tongue on her messy feet & she begins to masturbate. After she cums, she gets one of her feet nice and messy, instructing Serene to worship the other while she rubs it on her pussy. When she's finished, Candle sucks the pie off her messy soles.

Includes foot worship, messy feet, messy masturbation

7 minutes



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