Star's Messy Starlets

Star's Messy Starlets - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends wet & messy

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Conference Cupcake Smash
Featuring Siren Thorn

Siren arrives for her conference an hour early. She's so frustrated, there were so many other things she could be doing. She feels the need to take out her frustration & her eyes land on the tray of cupcakes.

She tries to talk herself out of it, but one by one she destroys the cupcakes under her bare feet making a huge mess of them.

Includes food crush, messy feet

6 minutes



Messy Foot Session
Featuring Roxie Rae

You lucky boy, Roxie brought a nice mango pie for you and her to share, but if you want any, you're going to have to eat it off her feet. She's giving you your two favorite things - dessert & feet, salty and sweet - the sugar mixing with the sour flavor of her foot sweat. If you want to see her perfect little painted toes you're going to have to lick the mess clean.

Includes foot worship instruction, messy feet

7 minutes



Daphney & Star Messy Soles
Featuring Daphney Rose & Star Nine

Daphney & Star dip their toes into a pair of strawberry cakes, taking their time to enjoy all of the sensations until their feet and legs are covered with pink goo.

Includes WAM, foot fetish

8 minutes



Beach Creep
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle catches you following her down the beach, you can't keep your eyes off of her high arched size 9's walking through the wet sand. She turns to glare a couple of times before finally telling you to leave her alone. You can't resist though, and you continue to follow her until she stops & calls you on your foot fetish.

Candle teases you with her toes and soles, digging deep into the wet sand, splashing in pools of water. She shows you her clean soles, then makes them sandy and displays them that way for you as well.

After she's had enough, she writes d-i-r-t-y f-e-e-t in the sand with her long toes before sending you on your way.

Includes voyeurism, dirty feet, outdoors, foot fetish

7 minutes



Danielle Trixie's Messy Soles JOI
Featuring Danielle Trixie

Danielle teases you with her small, high arched feet. Dipping them into a gooey, cream filled pie. Oh your cock's hard already - go ahead, take it out, let's see what you got. That's right, stroke it while you look at her messy feet. Danielle squishes it between her toes, rubs her messy soles together. You wish she'd give you a footjob with those messy feet don't you? She teases and poses her dirty feet for you while you stroke it.

Includes messy feet, JOI

9 minutes



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