Star's Messy Starlets

Star's Messy Starlets - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends wet & messy

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Star Gets Kym Wet & Messy
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kym kneels on the bed in a low cut black top and mini skirt. Star asks her what she's eating. Kym has been dipping her finger in this delicious sploogy goo that Star PROMISED to cover her in.

Star enters in her bra & panties and gives Kym what she's been begging for. It's been such a long time since Kym got to play in such a delicious mess. Star slowly empties the first two cans over Kym's head, the thick goop completely covering her eyes and dripping down her low cut shirt.

Kym begs for more and Star teases her. Kym offers to get naked & Star says sure, why don't you get naked & then we'll see. The bottom half of Kym's body is sadly bare, so Star gets to work covering Kym's pussy and ass with the rest of the (key lime) pie filling then leaves Kym to slither around in the goop, humping the mess covered bed.

Includes wet & messy

9 minutes



Whipped Cream Fight
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Star catches her roommate Addie standing at the refrigerator eating whipped cream out of the can. Star tells Addie she's being gross, she could at least put it in a bowl!

Addie's natural response is to spray Star with the whipped cream and soon she is straddling Star on the kitchen floor spraying her chest and face as Star laughs and protests.

Addie licks some whipped cream off of Star's messy face & soon the girls are making out and stripping each other down. Addie sprays the rest of the whipped cream on her bare breasts & Star empties the can on Addie's pussy.

Addie & Star roll around in the mess rubbing their creamy wet pussies.

Includes WAM wet & messy, girl/girl, kissing, whipped cream fight

9 minutes



Whitney Ruins The Bake Sale
Featuring Whitney Morgan

Whitney takes a fresh batch of cupcakes out of the oven. It's a shame they're for the bake sale. She's so strongly tempted by the cream cheese frosting. Maybe just one . . . quickly the cupcakes are gone, but Whitney's breasts and pussy are nicely coated.

Whitney panics, maybe there's still time to make another batch before Star arrives to pick her up. She begins to frantically beat at a bowl of chocolate cake mix as Star arrives.

Whitney explains that there was a malfunction with the previous batch. Star glances at the scene and asks if they exploded all over her? She knows what really happened. Star coyly takes the mixing bowl from Whitney and dumps it over her own head. The two messy girls rub up against each other until they are very late - they can just grab some more cupcakes at the grocery store (and keep them safely in the trunk while they drive to the bake sale).

Includes WAM, wet & messy

13 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Star masturbates with a pink vibrator in bed while getting sprayed down by a ton of whipped cream. She sheds her wet, cream covered, clothing as she goes & presents her body at different angles to the spray of cream. A bucket of strawberry syrup is dumped over her head as she cums at the end.

Includes wet & messy, solo masturbation, whipped cream

10 minutes



Jay & Star Wallow in Honey
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Jay Taylor had been eyeing the 5 gallon jug of honey sitting on my kitchen counter at previous shoots & this time she asked if we could play with it. Of course I couldn't say no.

Turns out, she'd been reading all about the benefits of honey. We emptied the full jug over our bodies and rolled around in the golden syrup until things got a little bit too sticky.

Includes wet & messy, candid

12 minutes



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