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Star's Messy Starlets - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends wet & messy

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Stepsister Snack Smash
Featuring Randy Moore & Star Nine

Randy and Star are your smoking hot new stepsisters. You've just all moved in to a huge new house together and they walk in from enjoying the pool. You try not to stare at how hot they are in their bikinis.

Randy & Star spot the tray of snack cakes you've prepared to nourish you during the marathon video game session you're about to undertake. You're humiliated as they immediately start chastising you - no wonder you're fat with horrible skin, how could you eat this garbage.

They start throwing your little cakes on the floor, speculating how many packages you must have opened, what would your mom think. They begin smashing the cakes under their feet, between their toes all the while humiliating you further until each and every one is smashed right into the ground - along with your ego.

Includes food crush, humiliation, messy feet, taboo

8 minutes



Messy Foot Fuck
Featuring Kelsey Obsession & Star Nine

Kelsey & Star play with a pair of pudding pies, dipping their toes in, discussing the texture, rubbing their feet together. While they are rubbing their messy, gooey, feet together, Kelsey makes some comment about this being a "real footjob". Star quickly counters, "no, THIS is a real footjob", rubbing her pudding covered foot on Kelsey's bare pussy.

Kelsey quickly gets into it and soon both girls are arching to make contact with each other's messy feet. Rubbing and slapping their pudding covered feet up against each others pussies. After they've cum, they lick the pudding & cum mixture off of their feet.

Includes messy feet, WAM, foot fucking, footjob, messy foot worship

8 minutes



Messy Soles JOI
Featuring Hannah Perez

Hannah dips her long toes into the pie she's set at her feet. She teases you with her messy toes and soles. You want to lick her feet clean don't you, get your tongue between her slippery toes? You want her to rub her messy feet all over your face, glide them up your legs, and then rub them up and down your cock. You want a messy foot job don't you? So messy, so naughty. Let her get her feet nice and filthy for you then. You're such a dirty foot boy, you'd lick her feet clean after wouldn't you?

Includes messy feet, footjobs, foot worship instruction

8 minutes



Messy Foot Worship
Featuring Jessica Taylor & Star Nine

Star instructs her foot slave, Jessica, through worshiping her messy feet. Jessica soaks her Mistress's toes and soles with strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and her tongue. Star rubs her messy soles on her slave's perky tits. Jessica loves her Mistress's feet so much, she could worship them for hours and hours. She reluctantly pulls away, kissing Star's foot when she indicates that their session is finished.

Includes wet & messy, foot worship, foot domination

8 minutes



Foot Licking Roommates
Featuring Siren Thorn & Star Nine

Star is making a cake, it's almost ready to go in the oven, but she can't remember the temperature so she leaves to look it up. She must have gotten distracted, because she's still gone when her roommate, Siren, gets home. Siren is a very tactile person, and when she sneaks a finger dip taste of the cake she knows that she needs to immerse herself in the texture.

Siren doesn't think Star will mind if she has a little fun . . . she sits down with the cake batter and begins to dip her feet in, enjoying the feel of the cool batter on her feet & the taste of it off her toes.

Star is grumpy when she comes across Siren ruining her cake. She begrudgingly joins in, worrying about the mess. She may as well enjoy her cake. Siren & Star rub their cake batter coated feet together, stopping now & then to lick it off.

Includes WAM, messy feet, foot licking

10 minutes



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