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Star's Messy Starlets - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends wet & messy

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Office Crush
Featuring Roxie Rae

You bump into Roxie on the way into work. She's brought donuts for the office. She stops to tell you about how she noticed where you were looking during your group interview. You couldn't keep your eyes of her hosed feet in their high heels. You may have gotten the new supervisor position, but she knows that she's really in control.

She squats down and lines the doughnuts up on the floor. They're cherry filled. As she begins to crush the donuts under her charcoal hosed, size 5, feet she instructs you. You're going to be so transfixed, mesmerized by Roxie's feet that she's going to have complete power over you. You're going to do all the work, she's not going to lift a finger. You can pretend to give her assignments, but you're going to be the one doing them.

She shows off her small, sugary, soles. You'd love to lick them wouldn't you. The sweet taste of sugar, the salty taste of sweat from her pantyhose. You'll have no choice but to play favorites after this little show, none of the other woman in the office even noticed your little fetish. She's decimated the donuts. She leaves you alone with the mess. If you're lucky she might leave her messy, ruined, pantyhose on your desk.

Includes foot fetish, food crush, messy feet, dirty pantyhose, office domination

7 minutes



Barefoot Beach Tease
Featuring Star Nine

Star walks slowly down the beach, kicking her feet in the sand, testing the texture of the piles of seaweed, looking back over her shoulder to make sure you're following her. She slides her toes through the wet sand near some rocks, pivoting her ankles. She finds a cool, sandy, tide pool to stand in and teases you with her pink nails peaking out of the sandy water, a huge smile on her face.

You follow her footprints as she turns a corner around some rocks. She sits and digs a hole in the sand with her feet, getting her toes and soles all sandy, teasing you. After awhile she gets up, draws an arrow in the sand with her feet and walks away into the ocean.

Includes foot tease, foot modeling, outdoors, sandy feet, mud, water

7 minutes



Cookies & Cream Footjob
Featuring Alyssa Reece

What would you like to watch Alyssa do with this cake? You don't want her to eat it do you? She thinks you want to watch her step all over it, get her feet all creamy. She dips her toes in, it feels so squishy and soft. She rubs her perfectly manicured feet together. You want to feel her messy feet don't you? You want to take your hard cock and rub it all over them. You want to feel her squeezing your cock between her cakey soles, rubbing it back and forth, getting your cock really really messy too.

Includes messy feet, simulated footjob, masturbation encouragement

9 minutes



Candle's Messy Secret
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle leads Star into the living room, surprising her with a little picnic set up. Star offers to go get plates for the pie & Candle stops her, explaining that she has this thing, where she really likes to get her feet all messy in the pie & then have it licked off of her. Star is happy to accommodate her girlfriend's little kink, fucking Candle's messy feet with her mouth while Candle rubs her pussy. The girls share a messy kiss and then it's Star's turn to mash the pie with her feet for Candle to lick up. Star is amazed by her explosive orgasm, after she cums, they rub their messy feet together while Candle gets herself off again.

Includes messy feet, foot worship, girl/girl, orgasms

7 minutes



Mud Puddle JOI
Featuring Cheyenne Jewel & Star Nine

You come across Cheyenne Jewel & Star Nine playing in their mud puddle. You can't take your eyes off of them, they think you are making fun of them at first, but then they realize that you're staring at their feet. Oh you like dirty messy feet don't you? Look at how their feet squish and sink in the mud. You want their muddy feet all over your face don't you? Are their dirty feet making you hard? Cheyenne & Star display their messy soles and toes to you as you jerk your cock. You want to cum all over their messy feet don't you?

Includes messy feet, mud, masturbation encouragement

8 minutes



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