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Star's Messy Starlets - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends wet & messy

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Strawberry Coating
Featuring Siren Thorn

Siren Thorn wants you to bake a cake with her, but she is easily distracted by the wet, sticky, soft, textures as she mixes the batter with her hands. She manages to get the cakes baked and partially frosted before she gives in. She climbs up on the counter and coats herself with strawberry frosting while instructing you to stroke your cock.

Includes wet & messy, WAM, asian, JOI, masturbation encouragement

11 minutes



Dixie Gets Messy
Featuring Dixie Comet

Dixie Comet enjoys the erotic textures of chocolate and vanilla pudding coating her entire body and cumming multiple times, adding her own cream to the mess.

Includes WAM, full coverage, wet & messy masturbation

8 minutes



Featuring Galas & Star Nine

Galas and Star are treating themselves with a girls night in, an evening of relaxing and treating themselves. They are planning to give each other pedicures. Star shows off her new nail polish & Galas asks if she should get some plates for the pies Star has brought first.

Star explains that she read an article about how it's the new big thing in Japan for feet to be treated with creamy, citrus pies before a pedicure - something about it conditioning the feet, the citrus helps remove dead skin - something like that. Galas makes a face but decides to go along with her friend & try it.

Star and Galas dip experimental feet into the creamy white pies and quickly lose control, coating their entire bodies with the white goo and rubbing it into their pussies. Both girls cum, Star is a little embarrassed after, but Galas is on board to run out and get more pies.

Includes WAM, messy masturbation

6 minutes



Get Messy With Chrissy
Featuring Chrissy Daniels

Kinky housewife Chrissy Daniels wants to get messy with you, but first you're going to need a pie, a nice creamy one.

Once you're prepared, Chrissy plays with you as she coats her curvy body in the silky, creamy mess. You're getting messy for her too right? She's certain your cock is covered, all nice and slippery. Cream covering her naked tits and wet panties, Chrissy cums with you.

Includes wet & messy, messy masturbation instruction, WAM masturbation

9 minutes



Cake Fight!
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Star surprises Addie with a cake for her birthday. Addie is excited at first, but recoils when she sees that it's coconut - claiming to be allergic. Star doesn't believe her, she always sees Addie drinking coconut water. Star playfully takes a handful of cake and smashes it into Addie's face.

Addie retaliates and soon their playful cake fight turns to kissing. Addie shoves Star down, her ass smashing the rest of the cake. Star's skirt comes up in the process revealing her lack of underwear. Addie starts rubbing the cake into Star's pussy & soon she is eating her out, proving that she's not allergic to coconut, she was just being a jerk.

Includes wet & messy, WAM, girl/girl oral, cake sitting

8 minutes



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