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Star's Messy Starlets - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends wet & messy

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Mud Puddle
Featuring Cheyenne Jewel & Star Nine

Star & Cheyenne are headed out for a walk when they notice that someone has left the hose on! Cheyenne is worried about her water bill at first but she likes the way the mud feels on her feet. Star asks if she remembers ever playing in the mud before as they start squishing the mud between their toes, talking about the texture of the mud, wondering how deep the mud puddle is. They get the mud all over their feet and display their soles, enjoying the suction and sounds the mud makes.

Includes messy feet, mud

7 minutes



Cum Creamy For Me
Featuring Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan has brought you back to her place for dessert - now don't you dare get the wrong idea, she doesn't fuck on the first date. She did notice something about you at dinner though, you couldn't seem to keep your eyes off her feet with their cherry red polish. Were you hoping to get a footful in your mouth for dessert? Well you're in for a treat - Whitney dips her perfect feet into some wet, white, whipped cream and invites you to unzip your pants. Just because she doesn't fuck on the first date doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself.

Includes messy feet, masturbation encouragement

9 minutes



Danielle's Dream Pie
Featuring Danielle Trixie

Danielle Trixie has been craving pie all week, she had to pick up the ingredients, and find the energy to make it after work. It's finally done - and she drops it. Danielle is very upset at first, but she sticks a finger in - it still tastes good, and it's nice and warm. She dips a tentative toe in the mess and licks the pie off her feet. She picks some pie up and massages it into her breasts. Really enjoying the feel of the sticky mess on her body, her breathing gets heavier. She begins to suck her messy toes, rubbing and mashing the pie all over her feet. She runs her tongue over her toes, her hand over her messy breasts, sucking the pie off her feet until she cums.

Includes messy feet, toe sucking, orgasms, messy breasts

11 minutes



Ballerina Smash
Featuring Kitty Twinkletoes

Ballerina Kitty Twinkletoes uses her athletic dancer feet to smash a dozen red velvet cupcakes. She shows off her coated soles, arches, and toes in between crushing the cupcakes one at a time.

Includes messy feet, food crush

7 minutes



I Know You Want To Eat My Feet
Featuring Star Nine

Star has a flakey pie, what flavor do you think it is? What color do you think it is inside? Star describes the texture of the crust to you, teasing her toes around the edges. She rolls her eyes back as she sticks her toes in. Whatever it is, it feels perfect - squishy and just a little bit cold. Don't her soles look amazing covered with pie filling? They're glistening with the gooey mess. You want to lick it right off her feet, don't you?

Includes messy feet, POV

7 minutes



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