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Ashley Gets Messy
Featuring Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham can't resist her creamy pie. She dips her toe in and sucks it off, she wants to feel it all over her body. She coats her clothing and her hair before exposing her naked skin and rubbing the creamy substance all over it. When she's completely coated, she pies herself in the face, letting the crust fall off before rubbing her cream covered pussy until she cums.

Includes WAM, full coverage, pie in the face, messy masturbation

9 minutes



Messy Blackmail
Featuring Danielle Trixie & Star Nine

Danielle is eating a cupcake she found in the kitchen when Star walks in and scolds her - those cupcakes were meant for the boy she likes. Danielle rolls her eyes and tries to talk Star into eating one as well, they're really good (besides, there's no way that guy would ever go for Star over her).

Star decides that 4 cupcakes will look better than 5 and tries one. Danielle teases her, saying that SHE heard Star's crush likes watching girls eat messy foods. She talks Star into eating her cupcake suggestively, egging her on until her face is smeared with frosting. Danielle begins to film Star as she gets more and more silly with the cupcakes, smearing them between her breasts as well. Star thinks that Danielle is just joking around, but when the cupcakes are gone Danielle runs out on an errand - to show Star's crush the goofy video.

8 minutes



The Face of Star Pies
Featuring Dixie Comet & Serene Isley

Dixie Comet & Serene Isley are the two finalists in the competition to win a nice prize package and become the face of Star Pies Inc. They've been invited to a live taping for the final elimination challenge and awards ceremony.

Star explains that due to the advent of DVR technology, it has become very important for commercials to sell their products using visual cues instead of relying on dialogue - the winner of today's competition will be the most successful at selling their love for Star Pies non-verbally.

Serene and Dixie start out displaying their pies & smiling, but Serene looks on in horror as Dixie acts more and more erotic with her pie. It's soon clear who the winner of the competition will be as Dixie smears the pie on her bare breasts, pulls up her skirt, and rubs the pie over her hosed pussy. When the time is up, Serene declines to shake Dixie's messy hand, but does shove her unscathed pie over for Dixie to enjoy as well. Dixie slowly comes back to reality as Star invites her to clean up before the awards ceremony.

includes WAM, competition, messy masturbation, pies

7 minutes



Messy Sneak
Featuring Star Nine

Star is exhausted after a long day at a work conference. She's waiting for her colleagues for yet another end of day meeting. She complains that her head hurts as she contemplates the tray full of desserts on the table.

Tired of waiting, and in need of a pick me up, she removes the desserts from the tray and puts them in her purse for later. She quickly discards the crumbs as her coworkers approach. Unable to contain herself, she sneaks to the bathroom to enjoy her treats.

Star smashes the messy cakes over her clothing, then removing her clothes, she smashes them into her bare breasts and over her hosed pussy. She saves one final cake to smash into her bare pussy and ass before rubbing the mess into her pussy until she cums. Once relieved, Star puts her messy clothes back on & returns to her business meeting.

includes WAM, solo masturbation

10 minutes



Messy Roommate
Featuring Addie Juniper & Psymon Jerusalem

Addie & Psymon sit down to watch a movie together, but the basketball game has preempted the beginning of the film so Psymon goes off to take a shower, warning Addie not to touch his pudding. Addie has her own pudding, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Addie takes a bite of her pudding & experiences an overwhelming urge to play with her food. She doesn't want to waste her pudding through, when Psymon left a perfectly good bowl of it right there.

Addie rubs the caramel colored pudding into her face and hair before beginning to coat her breasts through her shirt and over her panties. She removes the messy clothing and coats her body before rubbing her silky wet pussy with the mess, bringing herself to an intense orgasm.

She puts her messy clothes back on and tries to pretend that nothing happened when Psymon returns, but she can't contain her laughter.

includes WAM, solo masturbation

8 minutes



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